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    *(plogging - Swedish phenomenon of going for a jog and picking up litter at the same time!)

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  • About me...

    I am 35 years old and finally following my creative dream! Having completed a degree in Multimedia Textiles in 2005, I left the design world to follow my other passions for a while and ended up volunteering on a marine conservation project in Madagascar and then worked and lived on a sustainable, eco-tourism project on a remote island in Fiji.


    Coming back to England, I wanted to share my enthusiasm for the planet and its wildlife and I was searching for a way to meaningfully be involved in conservation. Whilst not the obvious destination, this led me to becoming a primary school teacher as I saw a young classroom as a wonderful environment to learn, share and teach imaginative young minds about what is really important.


    However, I have recently come to a much deeper understanding that life is precious and won't last forever. The message again and again, through the various ups and downs was that for me to feel fulfilled, I have to follow what's in my heart.


    So I have decided to finally admit to myself that I want to try and combine my creativity with my desire to be compassionate to our beautiful planet. My goal is to create inspiring creations and attempt to spread environmental awareness, dropping little seeds of change along the way.


    I primarily draw inspiration from the vibrancy of tropical lands, mysteriousness of culture and the richness of the natural world and I work with a multitude of techniques; including lino, screen printing, water colour and collage.


    If you are interested in my work and would either like to buy an original print, some digitally printed cards or have your own inspired commission, please get in touch!


    Amy x

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